The history

Katholm Gods

Katholm Estate was established around the Reformation by Christen Fasti, whose son and daughter-in-law built the main building.

The term “estate” comes from the word “land estate” and is associated with the fact that it is a property with associated land.

The main building is in the Renaissance style – and was built in the latter half of the 16th century. The length to the north was completed in 1591 and the length to the south was completed “already” in 1588.

The length to the west was started by Fasti, but when the money ran out, it was demolished. The length to the west as it is seen today, was built by subsequent owner Albret Skeel in 1622. This owner also erected the barn building at the entrance to the Main Building – in both places his and his wife’s initials HASRBF can be seen on the wall (Mr. Albret Skeel, Knight, Beate Friis)

The main building is located on a rampart surrounded by a wide moat.

Today, the Collet weighs the colors of the family in the flagpole – the blue and white stand that weighs in the flagpole is from the Collet family’s trademark (coat of arms).

The main building on Katholm has always been a private residence for the owners – and today Marie Therese and Nikolaj live in the main building with their children.

The main building is not open to visitors


Christen Fasti

Katholm was a medieval farmhouse that was turned into a manor house by Christen Fasti for approx. year 1545.


Thomas Fasti

Thomas Fasti lived from 1538 to 1600. He was a sheriff. Born on Arnbølgård near Randers, died on Katholm, buried in Ålsø church.

He was married to Christence Bryske.


Carl Bryske

Mrs. Christian’s brother Carl Bryske to Langeskov inherits Katholm in 1611, but dies a few years later.


Albret Skeel

Albret Skeel bought the farm in 1616, and after that the family kept the farm for several generations.


Jens Sehested

Jens Maltesen Sehested married in 1681 the granddaughter of Albret Skeel the year before her death.


Palle Krag

Palle Krag takes over the estate in 1690 – the year after he had married the rich widow, Mrs. Helle Nielsdatter Trolle.


Poul Rosenørn

Poul Rosenørn bought Katholm in 1724, when Palle Krag and Helle Trolle were childless.

Poul Rosenørn was married to Mette Benzon, they had 5 children together.

Rosenørn also owned Meilgaard estate which is also located on Djursland.


Peder Rosenørn

After Poul Rosenørn’s death in 1737, Katholm is handed over to his widow Mrs. Mette born Benzon, and their son Peder Rosenørn.


Jens Jørgensen

The last Rosenørn, Mathias Peter Otte, sold in 1802 Katholm Estate for 127,000 rdl. to Jens Jørgensen.



Everywhere the big property owners had a hard time staying afloat.


Adolf Wilhelm Dinesen

When the director of the state treasury put Katholm up for auction in December 1839, the highest bid came from First Lieutenant Adolph W. Dinesen.

The Dinesen family made a number of improvements to Katholm.

A frequent guest at Katholm under Dinesen’s ownership was AW Dinesen’s granddaughter Karen Blixen, the well-known author.


Wentzel Laurentzius Dinesen

Chamberlain, court huntsman Wentzel Laurentzius Dinesen, who took over Katholm in 1876, continues with much energy his father’s work.


Holger Collet

Holger Collet bought Katholm from WL Dinesen’s daughter in 1916, and continues Dinesen’s efforts to modernize the company Katholm.

Holger Collet was an avid and very skilled hunter, and the nature on Katholm was the reason for the purchase of the property. Holger Collet also owned Lundbygaard estate in South Zealand, which was his primary residence.


Carl Frederik Collet

Chamberlain Carl Frederik Collet takes over Katholm in 1942, which was the year before his father’s death in 1943. Carl Frederik Collet (called Kuk), lived in the Main Building with his wife Else Collet, until his death in 1977. Carl Frederik and Else Collet had 4 children, Peter, Merete, Irene and Anne.


Peter Collet

Chamberlain Peter Collet takes over the estate in 1971, and from 1972 all former tenant properties are operated together from the main farm.

Peter Collet was born in Katholm and since 1978 he and his wife Birgitte have lived in the main building.

Peter and Birgitte had two daughters, Marie Therese and Anne Cathrine.

Today, Birgitte and Peter Collet live in the old tenant house on Katholm.


Marie Therese Collet Klein

Hofjægermester Marie Therese Collet Klein takes over Katholm Gods in 2007 and today runs it with her husband, Nikolaj.

Marie Therese and Nikolaj live in the main building with their family