Splendid stately home on two levels, with adjoining basement. Located in forest overlooking the Kattegat to the east. There is its own tennis court and beautiful garden.

The home “Skovlyst”

The home is a full 450 sqm. consisting of two large living rooms, large kitchen / dining. On the 1st floor there are three bedrooms.
In addition, there is also a room that can be used for activity rooms ex. billiards or fitness.
The property also has good office facilities.

  • Housing Kr. 15.000/md

    Opportunity for partial employment

  • Hunting Kr. 1.000/ha/år

    Approx. 100 ha

Hunting at Skovlyst

The hunting area is 100 ha large and consists of forest, lakes and Christmas trees.

The area is known for its large permanent population of sika deer, which has stood firm on Katholm’s lands for more than 100 years.

For this purpose hunting of wild game, wild ducks etc.

The sika hunt on Katholm is probably Denmark’s best.

NB: Housing and hunting are only rented together.

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